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What are the different types of gondolas in retail?

Gondola shelves for sale are an economical retail shelving solution that provides a large amount of storage space in a small footprint. These fixtures are used in many different retail environments including grocery, convenience and hardware stores. They are also commonly found in pharmacies and other types of businesses that need to show off a wide variety of merchandise.

This type of shelving is easy to assemble and is designed to be low maintenance. It also allows retailers to sidestep expensive store fitter costs. These factors combined make gondola shelving an attractive option for smaller businesses that want to save money on their shop fitting expenses while still getting the benefits of an effective point of purchase display.

There are many different options for gondola shelving to suit the unique needs of different businesses. Some of these include:

Slatwall shelving – this is the most common type of gondola fixture and has walls that are perforated with hundreds (or thousands) of small holes. These holes are used for hanging accessories such as pegboard hooks and brackets. This kind of gondola shelving can be stacked end-to-end to create long store aisles or they can be used as free standing points of purchase displays.

Gridwall shelving – this style of gondola shelf https://shopsupplies.com.au/gondola-shelving/ is perfect for retail stores that want to allow light through their store fixtures. This type of gondola display has thick wire in a cross square pattern. These panels are also compatible with slatwall accessories and can be stacked on top of standard gondola shelves.

Double-sided gondola shelves – these are ideal for stores that need to display a lot of merchandise on both sides. These shelves can be inserted into slotted gondola uprights and have adjustable positions. This allows retailers to easily reconfigure their displays as their stock changes.

Metal gondola shelves – these are an affordable option for businesses that need to have a sturdy shelving system. These shelves are made from steel and can be stacked on top of each other to increase their height. Metal gondola shelving is also compatible with other types of store display fixtures, such as point of purchase displays.

Black gondola shelves – these are a popular choice for stores that want to have a clean, modern look in their display areas. They are also a great choice for pharmacies, liquor stores and convenience shops.

Gondola dolly systems – these heavy-duty systems are ideal for retailers that need more flexibility with their gondola shelving units. These systems allow gondolas to be fastened to the bottom of a dolly that can be moved around the store quickly and easily.

If you are in the market for gondola shelves for your business, be sure to check out our selection. We offer a wide range of colors and sizes to ensure you can find the perfect fixtures for your store. We are also happy to answer any questions that you may have about our products.

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