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We offer Radiology services for the surrounding communities of Woodhaven

X-ray Richmond Hill

We offer Radiology services for the surrounding communities of Woodhaven, South Richmond Hill, Little Guyana, and Ozone Park. Our clinic is located just off Atlantic Ave, next to Rite Aid Pharmacy, Wing Stop, and Dunkin Donuts. We are open Monday through Friday and close at noon for lunch. Our office will stop performing x-rays for 30 minutes during lunch, but patients are welcome to register and receive their x-ray results during that time.

We also perform sonohysterograms, which are a clinically valuableĀ X-ray Richmond Hill ultrasound examination of the uterus and lining. This test is the easiest way to view your fallopian tubes.

Please notify the receptionist if you are pregnant or suspect you may be in the first trimester. If you are pregnant, we will not proceed with the X-ray. It is very important that you not take X-rays in the first trimester of your pregnancy as there is an increased risk of congenital abnormalities (existing from birth) in a baby born after exposure to high levels of x-ray radiation during this time.

A ultrasound is a great way to check on your pregnancy and help figure out the due date of your child. However, it does not find every problem that could be causing your symptoms. Your health care provider might recommend further tests, such as a CT scan or an MRI, to help confirm your diagnosis and the extent of your condition.

When an ultrasound is performed by a trained healthcare professional, the process is very safe. It is not harmful to the fetus or the mother, and it is generally well tolerated by patients.

Prenatal and postnatal ultrasound is used to monitor the health of the fetus. It is also useful to detect any complications that may occur during pregnancy, such as miscarriage or preterm birth.

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