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Moving Supplies – What You Need For Your Move

Whether you’re moving across the street or to another country, there are certain packing supplies you must have on hand to ensure your belongings make it safely into the truck and then into your new home. Without the proper supplies, items can get damaged during transit, and you may find yourself spending more time cleaning up the damage than you did packing them up. It’s also not a good idea to rely on free boxes from grocery stores or other sources; the boxes may be too flimsy and could fall apart during transit, leaving your possessions vulnerable.

Purchasing your moving supplies online can be less hassle and save you a lot of time. Not only will you save on gas if you don’t have to drive aisle by aisle, but many online retailers bundle their products together in convenient kits that include everything you need for the move. They’ll even provide a free shipping offer that can further reduce the stress of packing up your belongings.


A basic necessity, you’ll want a variety of sizes to accommodate the different types of items you have in your home. Aim for small, medium and large boxes with dividers to keep things organized. A good tip is to place a piece of newspaper or cardboard at the bottom of each box to help cushion and protect the contents.

Other essentials include a roll of packing tape (skip the dollar store tape and spend a bit more on quality tape). You’ll also want plenty of ink-free wrapping paper to protect fragile and/or sharp items. You can also wrap items in plastic stretch wrap to help them retain shape and avoid scratches.

Labels and markers are also important for your move. Having both on hand will allow you to label boxes clearly and quickly, as well as create color-coded labels that indicate what room each box should go into. You’ll also need markers to write on the labels, as well as a permanent marker for marking your boxes.


Having dollies or furniture dollies on hand will come in handy to move heavy boxes and bulky furniture into your truck and then from the truck into your new home. These are especially helpful if you’re renting a truck.

A few other must-haves are a change of clothes (a pair of pajamas, a few changes of pants and shirts, something warm just in case), a toiletries bag, and cleaning supplies for the last cleanup of your old home before you leave. You can also pack a set of basic cleaning tools, including a mop and bucket, broom, dustpan, paper towels, and window and bathroom cleaners. You may also want to add a small tool kit with a screwdriver and wrenches with a range of heads, plus a tape measure for final measurements of doorways, appliance dimensions, and stairwells.

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